What It’s Like to Live on the Beach

Is living on the beach a dream? Does it bring you back to the Gidget or Annete Funicello movies of the past? Are you thinking that it is time to live near the beach? What is beach life really like? Is it something that would be enjoyable?

Salty Air

Most people agree that the distinct smell of salty air is something that is appealing and that drums up images of a beach paradise. Add in a hint of seaweed and most people agree it beats virtually any smell from Bath and Body Works or Yankee Candle.

This is especially true on a hot day when the air is being blown off the ocean. It helps to cool everything down and, even if someone lives a few miles away, it makes them seem like the beach is right out of their front door.

Central Coast Food

When someone chooses to live on the beach, they need to accept that beach-style food will become a staple in their diets. From fresh seafood, to steak and wine, all this is not only popular but widely available when living on or near the beach. The residents of Pismo Beach are treated to a wide variety of eateries, including the local favorite and award-winning Splash Cafe. Other popular restaurants include F McLintock’s, Ventana Grill, and Giuseppe’s Cucina Rustica. 

Wine tasting is another big attraction in the Pismo Beach area, especially in Edna Valley. It’s home to an array of wineries and is one of the most popular tourist locations in the area. Of course, when you live near Pismo Beach, you will get to visit Edna Valley and all the wineries as much as you like, whenever you like.

The Sand  

Some may say that the sand is the worst part of the beach. Then, there are others who claim it is the best. Each area has beaches with unique types of sand. Some of the sand is grittier and coarse, while other areas are finer. There are even some beaches that have rock instead of sand. The Central Coast sand is just right; you can enjoy a leisurely walk on the fine sandy beaches. Even in the middle of winter, these sandy beaches beckon you for a nice stroll or a power walk. Pismo beach especially is a place that brings those sunshine feel good moments to residents all year long. 

Spending the Day on the Beach

There is nothing that can compete with a day at the beach. Getting up early in the morning and heading out to the beach is many people’s idea of paradise. For those who live on the beach, it is not just a hopeful plan, it is a day-to-day reality. There is no need to spend hours in traffic traveling when someone lives near the beach; they can walk to the closest shoreline. It is one of those benefits of beach living that make it so appealing.

At Pismo beach, there is plenty to do and see. One of the main attractions is the historic Pismo Pier. It’s perfect if you want to take a stroll over the water, catch a beautiful sunset, or see the surfers in action. Now that it has been renovated, it is bigger and more enjoyable than ever! 

You may also enjoy other attractions on the beach such as the Monarch Butterfly Grove, exploring Dinosaur Caves Park, walking along the Pismo Promenade, and surfing along the coast.

The Ocean

White, turquoise, and every shade of blue and green imaginable are found in the ocean. The look, feel, and sound of the ocean all have proven health benefits, including the relief of stress. When looking out your window at an ocean view or walking on the beach next to the waves, it is peaceful and tranquil for all.  

Watch the Sunset

The ability to watch the sun go down at the end of the day over the ocean is not something that people soon forget. It is magical and peaceful and relaxing. For those who live on the beach or near the ocean, they can wake up each morning to picturesque sunrises that cannot be duplicated anywhere on the planet.

Star Gazing

Going to the beach at night is another perk offered by living nearby. Just lying in the sand and looking up provides amazing views of everything without the intrusion of commercial light pollution. Along with looking at the stars, those visiting the beach at night can also enjoy the sound of the waves crashing on the beach. These are all even more reasons that living beachside is so appealing.

Finding the Right Beach Property

When it comes to living on the beach, there are several things to think about. One of the most important is just how close a person or family wants to be to the ocean. Take your time, breathe that ocean air, feel the sand between your toes and above all… Enjoy life with a View. 

"Enjoy Life with a View"
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