Questions to Ask When Building a New Construction Home

The prospect of building a new home can be exciting and daunting all at the same time. Building a new home means that you get to customize many aspects of the home to meet your particular wants and needs. Building a new home in Pismo Beach also means that everything will be brand new so you won’t have to worry about maintenance issues for many years. There are also some challenges that can arise in this process which is why it is critical to know what questions you should be asking. 

Get to Know the Builder 

There are many options for builders when purchasing a new construction home. The first step you need to take in the home building process is to find out as much as you can about the different companies. You should ask questions about the types of homes each company builds, and get in touch with recent customers to ask their opinion of the builder. It can also be helpful to go online and look up reviews about each builder as this is a quick and easy way to understand more about their reputation.

Process and Timeline

Asking questions about the timeline for new home construction in Pismo Beach is another area that needs attention. It is important to know if a builder has projects they are currently working on so you can determine where your project fits in their schedule. Timelines are vital because you need to be able to time the move out of your current residence with moving into the new home. 

You also need to ask questions about who is managing the project once it begins. You are going to have more questions along the way as the construction starts, so you should have direct contact information for a project manager. You need to always remember that this is your home they are building and that you are spending a significant amount of money to get the work done.

Know the Standard and Understand the Upgrade

When new construction homes are priced out, the price is often only including the standard finishes. If you have some interest in upgraded features for flooring, windows, cabinets or any other area of the home, you need to ask how much extra money those items are going to cost. You don’t want to get your heart set on certain finishes only to find out you have priced yourself out of the home. 

When you are looking at ideas for building new homes in Pismo Beach, you also need to ask about when upgrades can be made. As each phase of the home is completed, there will be points in time where certain upgrades are no longer an option. Having a general idea of when each phase will be completed should help you make decisions on whether to upgrade or not. 

Energy Savings 

One of the best features of building a new home is being able to have the most energy-efficient appliances and windows installed. There are many options to choose from when considering energy efficient items so this is another area to ask some questions about. Energy-saving windows and doors can last for many years so investing a bit more in those items upfront can really pay off in the long run. Energy-saving appliances like a furnace, air conditioner, refrigerator, and water heater can also add up to a good deal of cost savings each month. Ask about which appliances reduce energy consumption while still allowing the home to function at a high level. 

Know Your Association

Many new homes are going to be part of a larger neighborhood or development. It is common for a neighborhood to have a homeowners association that helps to oversee some aspects of the community. It is helpful to ask questions about how much the association dues are each month and what those dues cover. Associations are only as good as their members, so inquire about how often the group meets and what their overall structure looks like. 

Building a new home is an exciting adventure that will be very positive and memorable. It is vital to ask lots of questions to make sure you are fully informed about everything that is happening. Take the time to do your homework and start your dream home adventure right away!

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