Designing a New Luxury Bathroom

A luxurious bathroom is considered an oasis from the stress of a long day. If you have been considering designing a luxury bathroom for your new home, read this information to assist you. 

Luxurious Options are Now Available

The bathroom industry has dramatically evolved since the first toilet was introduced in 1596. Today, there are touchless self-cleaning toilets and plumbing components that offer a luxurious spa-like experience in the bath. 

When creating a luxurious bathroom, there are three crucial criteria to consider. 

  • Sophistication
  • Softness
  • Elegance

Tips for Creating a Beautiful Luxury Bathroom

Many tips can help homeowners choose the perfect bathroom design to meet their needs. Today’s bathroom has become a place of relaxation, which is why design elements have drastically changed. Consider the following tips to help you create a beautiful bathroom oasis. 

  1. Lighting is a vital component of any bathroom design. Gone are the ugly light fixture fans. Today’s lighting choices bring elegance and functionality to the bathroom space. Wall dimmers can be used for a relaxing spa bath, while wall sconces help to add critical light to the vanity area. 
  2. Today’s showers have evolved to a level of luxury that must be experienced to be believed. Large showers with seating options are the norm in new build homes for sale. Shower experiences provide the ultimate in relaxation with massage and other extras that make showering a nirvana experience.
  3. Many people are surprised to learn the latest bathroom designs incorporate furniture. Bringing furniture into the bathroom helps it to become a relaxing and luxurious place that will be used often. A chaise lounge, a comfortable chair, or a bench are all luxurious additions.
  4. Adding elaborate fabrics is another way to create a luxurious bath. When gorgeous materials are included in furniture, window dressings, and décor, the result adds opulence and dresses up any bathroom.
  5. Decorative faucets are necessary when it comes to designing luxurious bathrooms. Gone are the days when homeowners were stuck with dull chrome finishes. There are now many options available, including polished brass, burnished iron, and pewter. These materials add a new level of richness to the bathroom.
  6. Another touch that adds to the luxuriousness of a room is an artwork. Beautiful paintings and other works of art create a serene atmosphere. Make sure the works of art offer a relaxing design that adds to the room instead of detracting from the overall composure of the space.
  7. Bring in luscious rugs, towels, and washcloths for an even more luxurious bathroom experience. Every component of your spa-like bathroom must be carefully planned and executed. Working with a design team can help to bring your ideas to life.
  8. When you buy a new luxury house, it is vital to ensure the bathroom is designed according to your standards and desires. Remember that your bathroom is one of the essential rooms in the home and will get a lot of use.
  9. Choosing the right floorplan is a vital part of creating a luxurious home, including the bathroom space. A luxurious bathroom experience is best achieved when the bathroom is designed to be open and spacious. Do not be afraid to work with a home builder who is willing to accommodate your design needs.
  10. Make sure the bathroom is appropriately balanced for the ideal look. There should be an orderly flow to the room that is conducive to relaxation. View the room from every angle to ensure your design elements work well with space. 

Do Not Be Afraid to Think Outside the Box

Although your bathroom certainly needs to be functional, this does not mean you should be afraid to bring in unique design elements. Because few people will be entering your bathroom, this is an ideal place to display treasures. 

Treasured collectibles can be proudly displayed on a dressing table or elegant shelves. Adding height to your displays will add drama. 

It is your bathroom and it should reflect your unique personality. You can save the guest bathroom for a more mundane approach but have enthusiasm when designing your bathroom. Be vigilant and you will get the bathroom you desire. 

Work with the Professionals

Hiring the professionals to design and build your bathroom is vital for having a result you can be proud to show. Working with a professional designer will take away much of the stress in designing a bathroom and can even save you money. 

If you are looking for a luxurious home that allows you to choose a unique floorplan, The Villas at Rancho Pacifica may be the answer. Located off Mattie Road, the second phase of development is underway. 

You can choose from custom and semi-custom options, and the design team will work with you every step of the way. Floor plan options include the following. 

  • The Caramel
  • The Monterey
  • The Avila
  • The Avalon
  • The Balboa
  • The Morro

Contact us today or visit our website to learn more. There are so many design options and we can help you achieve the luxurious home design of your dreams. 

Owning a home in The Villas at Rancho Pacifica allows you to experience the ultimate in luxurious living. We will help you discover the floorplan that will best suit your needs and budget.

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